Boys + Girls Age 12+

This class is recommended for a competitive player looking to improve either their shooting technique or improving other skills to become a more proficient striker.

Various topics will be covered each week such as:

Players will be shown different ways to strike the ball with both feet depending on the situation in a game. Examples include

  • Learning how to shoot an inside or outside curve to bend the ball around a keepe
  • Back spin to chip the ball over a keeper who is off their line
  • Low driven ball to get maximum power from long range
  • Knuckle shot or instep drive for long range free kick scenarios

 Striker Skills:

  • Technique to improve the power of a shot
  • 1 v 1 moves to beat an opponent
  • Reaction shooting, such as making a quick turn and shooting
  • 2 and 3 player combinations into a shot
  • Receiving the ball on the chest or thigh facing the back of the net and turning into a volley.
  • First touch under pressure and then shooting
  • Pressure from different angles before shooting
  • Dribbling at pace into a shot
  • Receiving the ball on the run/first touch set up and then shoot
  • Head up and scanning the keeper’s position before shooting and using the right method to beat the keeper
  • Accuracy before power and having your body over the ball to keep the ball low or leaning back to increase the height of the ball when shooting
  • Proper arm swing, breathing, trigger action from the hips, and follow through after the shot